Controversy Over Microcurrents Being Safe As An Electrical Stimulation

Controversy Over Microcurrents Being Safe As An Electrical Stimulation

Posted 8.10.2012 in Articles by Jess

The words “electrical stimulation” connote an unfamiliar and intimidating feeling when referring to any kind of therapy or treatment. When most people hear those words they think of serious injuries and pains since this kind of treatment isn't widespread. Advances in medical treatment have led microcurrents to become more and more popular with physical therapists to general physicians. Still new and strange, many find themselves asking whether or not it's safe to be sending electrical currents into your body. What is the truth?

Still in its developing stages, as of now, it's considered safe for people of all ages. Although there are no serious side effects reported, it is not recommended for people who use pacemakers and are intolerable of electromagnetic fields. It's also not recommended for patients with problems relating to the brain or ones that are pregnant. Also, people with complications in their spinal cord must inform their physical therapist before starting the treatment. 

Whether it's because it's still so new or it's just not bad for you, there are no significant side effects of microcurrent treatment that have ever been reported. One type of risk associated with this type of therapy is that there is a drastic change in muscle tissues that leads to sudden removal of waste products that have long been stored in the body. These fast processes lead to sudden detoxification reaction after treatment. 

Other minor side effects include nausea, fatigue, drowsiness and a temporary flu like feeling. At times there may be redness or muscle soreness where the electrodes are placed but they are not permanent nor long term. It should be noted that as with any other kind of medication or treatments, not everyone experiences side effects. 

Microcurrent therapy may seem too extreme or unfamiliar for most people to consider but after years of development and continuing research, there have been no reported side effects of microcurrents. The small side effects that have been reported can happen with anything from aspirin to digestion medicine. 



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